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Product release: Dark mode and product onboarding

Changelog #10: Product release update for Changelog 👏

Job Rietbergen

• Oct 18, 2023

The main learning from this month? Put your product in the hands of users and you will discover use-cases (and bugs!) you could’ve never imagined.

We did a successful launch on Product Hunt (which you can still check out and support here) and because of that we saw a great deal of interest and signups on the platform. With 3 production releases during the launch day itself, and numerous afterwards, it’s safe to say that the team iterated fast to help our users be successful.

What’s new?

Dark mode

Anyone working with developers knows that dark mode can be a seemingly unimportant feature, but one that developers absolutely love (and often demand). We got countless requests for it, and because of that we implemented it. A few months ago we added a feature to set your own color scheme, which laid the foundation for dark mode. You can now add a parameter at the end of any url that will set the theme for the visitor (?theme=dark to activate dark mode). An example of a dark mode API endpoint can be seen here.

Offline mode

You can now continue to write content when you have an unstable internet connection, or when you lose the connection completely. As soon as you get back online you can save and publish the changes made.

Product onboarding

Obviously product onboarding for our own platform is high on the priority list. That’s why, when you log in now, you’ll see resources to help you make the most of the platform, such as videos and clickable product tours. We also add sample content to the platform when you sign up, to show you what is possible inside the platform. In the top-right corner we added a new support button (with the question mark) that helps you to get in touch with us and request support via email, Slack or video call.

More styling options

You can now set a separate font for the titles, and change the color too. With this change you can adapt the docs more to your brand and needs.

Better linking

When you work inside our platform you are inside our editor, and when you publish it, it becomes visible on the viewer. To prevent users from using wrong urls that might lead to a 404 page, we implemented routing for all internal linking on the platform. This makes sure your users will never click on broken links to your content.


  • Sequence diagram: Download button to get a .PNG of the diagram + visual improvements to the diagram itself

  • Code walkthroughs: Various UI improvements for code walkthroughs

  • Chained params: Changed UI for how chaining is displayed

  • 50+ bug fixes before and during Product Hunt launch

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