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How to reduce support tickets with better developer documentation

Stephan Ye

• Dec 5, 2023

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We believe good API documentation can significantly reduce the number of support tickets, as developers are able to find answers to their questions without needing to contact support.

There are many reasons documentation might be considered poor. There can be a lack of clarity or detail, information might be out of date, or the use case you are describing is complex and hard to convey.

A significant challenge faced by some of our customers involves managing complex API integrations. These integrations often require the chaining of multiple requests and responses, or handling numerous requests throughout a service lifecycle. Explaining and illustrating these use cases can be daunting. So, how do we simplify the complex?

Misunderstandings or gaps in understanding often arise because different users have different learning preferences. For instance, developers may benefit from interactive testing environments to experiment with APIs tryouts. Others might find visual aids, such as flow diagrams, more helpful to comprehend how various elements interact.

At first glance, addressing these needs might seem overwhelming. Creating interactive API documentation, managing API keys, and designing diagrams that are both straightforward and detailed, while also remaining current, can appear to be a herculean task. It’s enough to make anyone feel overwhelmed.

At Alphadoc, we understand and acknowledge these diverse needs. Our approach is centered around meeting developers where they are most comfortable. If you prefer to experiment directly with the API, we provide the tools for hands-on exploration. For those who are visual learners, we ensure the availability of precise and illustrative examples.

Generating Interactive APU documentation based on Swagger or OpenAPI file.

Describe your API through a story tutorial.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Recognizing that complex concepts can often be more effectively communicated through visuals, we focused on creating tools that enable users to convey intricate ideas and workflows through diagrams effortlessly.

Our diagram tools allow users to create interactive visuals without needing a designer or developer. This accessibility ensures that even those with limited experience in diagramming can easily translate their thoughts and processes into clear, visual formats.

Moreover, we have integrated features that cater to a variety of diagramming needs - from data flow charts illustrating API interactions to sequence diagrams that map out what an integration looks like beyond APIs. Out of the box you get access to auto rendering API calls, and dynamic variables, making it straightforward for users to create diagrams that are not only informative but also aesthetically pleasing.

Wrap up

Alphadoc started with a belief that existing approaches to documentation were ripe for change. So far our experiences with helping customers have only reinforced this belief. This is only the beginning of our journey.

We stand at exciting crossroads in the realm of developer relationships and integration learning. As we see increasingly sophisticated AI, there are more opportunities than ever to avoid compromising on developer experience. We are actively looking at personalizing the developer experience, with interactive diagrams and the assistance of AI-powered knowledge helpers.

If you are interested or curious about where this journey will take us, follow us on LinkedIn, read our other blog posts or create an account to give it a try! See where bridging the integration gap between developers and services will take you.

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved

© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved