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Job Rietbergen

• Mar 8, 2023

Any company should be obsessed with their customer’s problems. Hence, at Alphadoc we ask all leads and users to explain their issues with developer experience and docs to get a deep understanding of what they need.

We frequently hear things like…

“Our docs are difficult to understand, there’s no visual ‘demo’, and it’s not tightly coupled with our sandbox env.”

“We struggle to explain complex usage patterns.”

“We are looking for a solution to make beautiful docs that combine storytelling and tech talk.”

Well, we listened…

🔥 Introducing automatically generated diagrams

We often see a scenario where our users want to explain how to use several API calls in sequential order. We now added full support for chaining API calls and we automatically generate a diagram on top of it.

“We have pretty complex chains of APIs and better tutorials and interactive diagrams would be a HUGE benefit!”  —  Alphadoc fan

Tutorials and diagrams are connected to your OpenAPI specification, so no worries about making a mistake when explaining API endpoints. If you upload a new spec file, we immediately detect the change and allow you to update any components that we can’t match anymore quickly.

It’s zero effort to create and maintain these diagrams 🤯

Diagrams are created with a single click

Any developer reading your tutorials can toggle between the step-by-step explanation and a diagram. The combination of a visual overview and the details of your API allows developers to grasp the overarching goal, and quickly zoom in.

We currently support rich-text content blocks and API calls in tutorials, more blocks to onboard developers will be added soon. You can now explain your product’s use cases in an appealing and interactive format. Helping you to convert developers and get them successfully integrated. This is a game changer for many of our customers.

Building a tutorial and diagram inside Alphadoc

Fixes & other improvements

Added code blocks support — We now have support for code blocks with automatic language detection for highlighting. Use the new icon in the editor toolbar.

Markdown support for typing — You can now type Markdown straight into our WYSIWYG editor.

Added an API spec validation flow — We have an improved flow to upload your API and check whether it meets the requirements of our platform. If there are any issues with your API we immediately highlight them so you can quickly fix them.

Sync API components to newly uploaded API versions — When uploading a new version of your API all connected API components can quickly be updated.

Getting started

To start building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll review your request for beta access within 1 business day. Once granted access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and easily generate your docs & tutorials on the platform.

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved