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Product release: Turn your OpenAPI spec into building blocks for interactive tutorials

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Job Rietbergen

• Feb 8, 2023

The past quarter our focus has been to shape the product in collaboration with our design partners, and we made many iterations based on the feedback we received.

Creating docs is time-consuming and static, it does not evolve with the product, integrations & tech support takes up an enormous amount of time and companies are losing business over a frustrating developer experience. Ultimately, docs is a cost center and no tooling on the market comes close to solving this.

With Alphadoc, we’re changing this, our goal is to help you create and maintain docs on autopilot, and to empower developers and go-to-market teams with it.

We added a new tutorial builder, so you can onboard developers onto your product. We introduced various content blocks, such as API components, to use in the onboarding, and a WYSIWYG content editor, to name a few.

Release highlights

Design the developer onboarding

When you open Alphadoc, you can navigate to a project and start adding tutorials inside of it. Create these tutorials as part of the developer onboarding, and use them to explain use-case, in getting-started guides, and technical documentation. Show developers how your product works, and help them succeed when they assess your solution or start building integrations.

Make your pick from a wide range of content options and API components to add into pages and tutorials.

A single source of truth

Your OpenAPI spec is at the center of the automations happening in our platform. Simply drop in your OpenAPI spec (JSON or YAML), and pull API calls and dynamic information into your tutorials and pages. This helps you to keep your docs in sync whenever new versions are introduced.

Chained API calls

Chain endpoints and parameters, allowing you to pull data from an earlier API call. You can now connect the output and input data from path and body parameters from API calls in the docs. A possible scenario: a developer retrieves a list of all user accounts in the first step, while in the second step, the response data is used to get all details about one account, using an identifier from the previous response.

Reusable components

Customize which endpoints and parameters to include across the docs and tutorials. Your API turns into a set of reusable components that can be inserted and adjusted anywhere on the platform. Want to highlight only 3 endpoints from your spec, and reduce distraction by only showing the params needed for a specific use case? No problem.

Bug fixes & other improvements

Added YAML support in API uploads: At first, we only supported JSON files, now you can add OpenAPI specs also in YAML format.

Added support for circular references in the OpenAPI spec:  Inside the API reference and API components you can now use API specs that contain a circular reference, meaning the last object references the first one.

Added control over publishing/saving/hiding content: You have more granular control over (un)publishing content and can build in draft mode before making it visible to the world.

Implemented better compliance with the OpenAPI spec (oneOf, anyOf, allOf, etc): We implemented a couple of fixes to comply with the oneOf, anyOf, allOf concepts in the OpenAPI schema.

Getting started

To get started building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll approve your request for beta access within 1 business day. Once you have access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and generate your guides & tutorials on the platform.

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved