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Product release: Chain API calls and tell a story with real data

Changelog #8: Product release update for 👏

Job Rietbergen

• Aug 23, 2023

This month’s release will bring your DX to the next interactive level. We’re passing real data between chained API calls, we’re supporting any possible way you could define authentication in your spec and we’ve added UI improvements to help your users quickly make their first API call.

Tell a story with real data

We extended our API tryout functionality to use the real response data (as opposed to the set values from the OpenAPI spec). You can chain multiple API endpoints by indicating a relationship between each response and request. Response data is used in the next step of the chain. Several users already use it in combination with our embed functionality to add tutorials and diagrams to their SaaS application or partner portal — it enables customers to dive deep into the integration setup directly from the docs.

All auth methods supported

We now support all auth methods that you could define in the OpenAPI spec. A few common scenarios are:

  • List auth at the root level and overwrite it with a different method at the operation level.

  • Define auth as optional per operation or for the entire API.

  • Define and use multiple auth methods per API. Your readers can pick and choose which one to use.


Self-serve signup

We now support self-serve signup for our platform. You can easily create an account / organization and start creating your developer experience.

Self-serve user management

We also support user management for you to invite your colleagues or fellow builders. Simply add their emails in the sharing menu — they’ll receive an email to set up their account and join your organization.

All media-types supported

We now support all media-types in the OpenAPIs spec.

Server variable validation

Our users brought up scenarios where they want to notify developers to set their own server variable value before proceeding with an API Tryout.

Updated tutorials and pages

Sidebars are now collapsible to accommodate smaller screens and tutorial step titles are now automatically set.

And a sneak peak 👀

Explain your SDK, API or code with Code walkthroughs (coming soon!)

We built a way for companies to explain large code snippets, SDKs and APIs. You can define the areas to highlight in the code and add the explaining text and references to your APIs and SDKs. Your users can easily click through the walkthroughs and understand the core concepts. This feature is currently in pilot with several customers — let us know if you want to trial it.

Getting Started

To start building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll review your request for access within 1 business day. If granted access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and easily create a compelling developer experience.

Happy coding!

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