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Product release: Embed and automate Alphadoc to fit your workflow

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Job Rietbergen

• Jul 26, 2023

We’ve lowered the barrier to using our platform and build a great developer experience: You can now embed parts of Alphadoc and additionally use our APIs to meet any of your automation needs. We’ve also introduced variables so that you can easily clarify the data needed to make a successful API call.

Clarify with variables

Ever faced the challenge of dealing with complex APIs that contain numerous endpoints and parameters? Understanding how to successfully integrate these APIs can be a daunting task. To solve this we’re introducing variables in Alphadoc: Define variables and easily reference them across the documentation. For instance, variables like Organization IDs, Account IDs, and API keys can be conveniently utilized.

Your readers will have a clear overview of all these variables and can update them with their values which are locally stored. They can save time by setting variables once and performing API calls directly from the docs with the correct input values, such as API keys or IDs.

Variables can be associated with specific API endpoints on a parameter level. This means you can indicate where the data originates. When making this connection, a visual callout will be added for your users, providing a direct link back to the corresponding variable. Variables are also automatically added to diagrams when you add them to a tutorial.

Embed anywhere

Over the past few months, we’ve spoken with hundreds of API companies. While many expressed a strong desire to enhance their developer experience, some faced a bit of a dilemma — having already made investments in building custom documentation solutions or integrating various tools. To overcome this challenge and enable seamless integration of Alphadoc into your developer experience, we’re thrilled to announce a powerful new feature: the ability to embed Alphadoc elements precisely where you need them. This means you can now include tutorials, diagrams, content pages, API references, and even individual API endpoints anywhere you see fit — whether it’s on your marketing website, documentation portal, or even within your application itself.

You have the flexibility to decide whether you want to activate these embeddings and can easily toggle this feature on or off according to your preferences, right from your project settings inside Alphadoc.

Automate with Alphadoc APIs

One valuable insight we gained from engaging with our customers is the importance of flexibility. To cater to this, we are excited to announce that Alphadoc’s APIs are now freely accessible, enabling you to achieve more within our platform. With our APIs, you can seamlessly automate your workflows. To get started, we’ve made the authentication process hassle-free. Simply create an API key in your profile, and you’re all set. You can set an expiry date for your API keys, ensuring better security and control over your integrations.

And more

Revamped diagrams

We have a new user experience and design for our diagrams. People can now click on a step (e.g. an endpoint or variable) and see more information about it straight from the diagram.

Improved SEO and sharing preview

We added support for meta tags so that whenever your docs are included in search results or the link is shared that it looks good and includes your context.

Better UX

We’ve made several improvements to the way you can add and consume content. The search function when adding API endpoints provides more information, we notify you of missing parameters that have an impact on your docs and diagrams, and lots more.

Getting Started

To start building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll review your request for access within 1 business day. If granted access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and easily create a compelling developer experience.

Happy coding!

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