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Product release: JS Embeds & Change notifications

Changelog #13

Job Rietbergen

• Jan 31, 2024

This release has 2 new major features - checkout the video! We have been working hard behind the scenes to roll out JS embeds. We already supported iFrames which are extremely easy to use to embed Alphadoc in your stack. Feedback started coming in and we heard that users were looking for different kinds of embeds. We also released a big improvement in how we handle changes in API docs. If you've added endpoints in your documentation in the past, you know how much effort it is to maintain it when the spec updates… We will now pro-actively start notifying you if your API's are broken!

JS embeds

Embed Javascript components in your docs, site, application and demo environment. With this you have full control over styling of the components and you can get the content indexed by your internal site search or search engines. Upgrade your developer experience today!

Never drop a sweat with our change notifications

In our previous release we introduced project versioning and bulk edits. With this release we’ll give you an overview of the APIs that have changed, before you hit that publish button. This will ensure that you don’t publish any breaking changes that aren’t supposed to go live.

  • Breaking changes are shown in an overview at API upload

  • When you go ahead and upload the API we notify you in any page and tutorial where there’s an issue

  • Before publishing we remind you again that there’s broken changes

  • Endpoints or params that are renamed or added won’t be an issue and will be automatically updated

Preview before publishing

We added preview mode so you can see what the changes will look like before publishing them! In the editor, click on Preview and you’ll see your latest changes as if your users are seeing them. Previews can be shared with your team members that also have an Alphadoc account. When you upload an API you can immediately see what the API reference looks like, before you publish.

An interactive sandbox for your APIs

API references now have full try out interactivity. Your users can easily perform API calls across docs, tutorials and API references. Before your users perform API calls we run our validations and give helpful feedback so the right data is added. No more invalid requests and frustrated users! File upload is now also supported in the try-out/sandbox, a much requested feature by many of the AI dev tools in the Alphadoc community.

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved