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Product release: Organize your developer docs content

Changelog #14: Organize your developer docs content

Job Rietbergen

• Feb 28, 2024

These last weeks we shipped a ton of new functionality to the platform, to make it easy for you to create engaging content and onboarding for your customers.

We shipped..

Tabs inside the editor

You can add tabs to pages, tutorials and even code walkthroughs. This way you have an easy to grasp way to present information side by side. Tabs can be used for both written content as code blocks (if you want to present multiple languages side by side)

Table of content

We now automatically add a table of content on the right side of pages and tutorials. This way your users can easily navigate through the headings on the page. It displays all H2 and H3 headers on a page.

Anchor links

Each H2 and H3 heading on the page now has a link icon in front of it, which you can use to quickly copy and link your users to it. Your users can easily jump to the section they need, and even on very long pages it will scroll smoothly to the desired anchor.

Multi-level subpages and folders

To implement and present your desired information architecture you might want to group pages and folders together. You can now drag folders into folders, to create subfolders, and you can also add pages and tutorials inside of them. Never worry about limited tooling because you can use as many nested folders as you please.

Extended coding languages

Our code walkthrough feature has extended support for coding languages, to ensure your syntax is always properly highlighted and displayed. See the docs for the full list of languages we support.

Coming soon: embed API endpoints and references through Javascript

Embed your API endpoints and references into your existing documentation, whether it’s cloud solutions or open source tooling like Docusaurus. This way your API reference and your documentation will blend seamlessly. Send us a message or fill out the waiting list form here, so we can give you early access

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved