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Product release: Optimizing the time to “Hello World” for your API

Changelog #4: Product release update for 👏

Job Rietbergen

• May 3, 2023

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Alphadoc, which focuses on optimizing the time to Hello World for your API. We all know that getting started with a new product can be a daunting task, especially for developers who are pressed for time. That’s why we’ve shipped several features that make it easier than ever to get started with your API.

API authentication

Growing product-led is strongly correlated with having a smooth self-service onboarding (and a great product obviously). Knowing how to authenticate with an API is an important step for devs to get started. Anywhere on the Alphadoc platform (both in API references and API components used across your developer onboarding) we now added the information about authentication to get devs to Hello World fast.

Server details

We now allow Alphadoc users to specify server details in the OpenAPI spec, which are displayed throughout the docs. This means that developers can see which servers to use for API calls and toggle between them (sandbox, production).

Validation logs

When uploading your API you can instantly see any issues with it. Aside from errors we give you recommendations and best practices to optimize your OpenAPI spec.

Code samples

Finally, we’ve added sample code cURL Commands for API calls. Each API call now includes a cURL snippet in the API reference, and for API components used inside the rest of the platform, you can configure the API components (which params to include in the request) and the cURL Commands will display the corresponding params in the request sample. The Authentication and Server details are also included in the code samples. We’ll be adding support for languages and frameworks in the future!

Other notable changes and fixes

  • Added ‘enum’ support for the OpenAPI spec

  • Support for parameters with multiple types

  • Fixed issues with saving tutorial steps

Happy building!

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved