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Product release: Supercharge devs with AI-powered search

Changelog #5: Product release update for 👏

Job Rietbergen

• Jun 8, 2023

Brace yourself, because this release is packed with value: you can now create an automated changelog for your APIs, customize the branding for your developer docs, and give developers a powerful search experience with Alphadoc AI.

A powerful search experience with Alphadoc AI

Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) are changing software development at the root and the impact on developers is huge. With AI tooling and a copilot-like experience, coding and building products become more accessible, and developers can leverage these tools for a 10x in productivity across the development lifecycle.

At Alphadoc, we’ve dived deep into LLMs, and today we’re proud to unveil our latest feature: an AI-powered search experience. Developers can ask any questions about the docs, APIs and SDKs, and Alphadoc AI will answer the questions in the context of your organization. We’ve put in the hard work to handle both unstructured data, like pages and tutorials, and structured data, including OpenAPI references and SDKs.

Alphadoc AI is vendor agnostic, meaning we take care of the thinking and logic on our end. This approach maximizes speed and accuracy and ensures your users get the best answers fast. We’re truly excited about the future and believe that this is just the first step towards a personalized onboarding experience for developers.

Developer docs matching your brand

We shipped extensive customization options for the developer docs, allowing you to align it seamlessly with your organization’s branding. We included a new tab in the project settings overview that enables you to select your preferred fonts and colors. Once you save, the changes are instantly reflected throughout the entire platform.

Automated changelog for your APIs

When you upload a new version of your OpenAPI spec file, we will provide you with detailed information regarding the introduced changes. This information can be utilized as release notes, enabling developers to easily identify exactly what has changed and understand its impact.

Getting Started

To start building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll review your request for access within 1 business day. Once granted access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and easily generate your docs, tutorials and SDKs on the platform.

Happy coding!

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved