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Product release: API tryout in the docs, seamless integration CI/CD process

Changelog #6: Product release update for 👏

Job Rietbergen

• Jun 28, 2023

To close off an already product-packed June we’re releasing more new features: We’ve made it easy for developers to try out APIs directly from the docs and tutorials, and you can now push new versions of your APIs easily to Alphadoc.

Call API endpoints straight from the docs

With the tryout functionality, developers can now effortlessly make requests to APIs directly from your docs, gaining valuable insights into how API requests and responses are set up. Through the docs and tutorials, developers can easily pass values and instantly view the corresponding responses. This helps to gain a deeper understanding of the API’s endpoints, parameters, and response formats, all without the need to write a single line of code. A handy way to do API exploration and testing. We validate the API call configuration (e.g. that it’s the right type of data) before we allow you to actually call it.

Seamless integration of APIs into your CI/CD pipeline

By effortlessly uploading APIs as part of the continuous integration/continuous delivery process, Alphadoc enables automatic ingestion of new or updated API specifications and documentation. API changes are instantly built, and deployed to production, while our platform automatically generates up-to-date documentation based on the revised API specifications. Everywhere you have made a reference to an API endpoint, it will automatically update to the latest version. By streamlining the documentation upload process, we guarantee that your documentation is consistently accurate, reflecting API changes promptly. Boost developer productivity, mitigate errors, and ensure consistency in your API documentation with Alphadoc’s automated CI/CD pipeline integration.

Now that you can integrate with Alphadoc’s API, we are also releasing our Github Action. You can generate it directly from the API upload screen, or customize it to your own liking. See repo on Github.


  • Parameter links: You can now quickly link to parameters directly from the API reference, or through an API component. Click on the link icon next to any parameter to copy the source and paste it in a document.

  • Bigger APIs: The upload limit for API’s has been increased to 10mb, big API’s are welcome!

  • Redesign chaining APIs: We implemented an improved way to chain APIs. Our old approach wasn’t great for APIs with many different parameters and responses. The new menu now allows you to filter for the right API sources.

PS: We’re piloting SDK generation for OpenAPI specs, meaning that you can easily convert your OpenAPI spec into a set of SDKs and implement them in your docs, currently supporting 7 programming languages (Python, TS, Java, Php, Ruby, C#, Go and Swift). Please let us know if you are interested in trying this out.

Getting Started

To start building your docs & DX with Alphadoc, please fill out the sign-up form or visit our website at We’ll review your request for access within 1 business day. Once granted access, you can upload your OpenAPI spec and easily generate your docs, tutorials and SDKs on the platform.

Happy coding!

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© Alphadoc BV 2024, All Rights Reserved